About Rock Life Coaching

Its About YOU

Honest discussion about YOU and what you want to work on

You may not have the exact words to describe what you want and need - you just know that you want some real change for your life- so lets start.

I use body mind intelligence

You are more than your thoughts.  You are

- feelings 

- sensations 

- energy 

- creative

- unique

- interdependent & intradependent potential 

This is all the body mind.

Your body mind wants to show up as its most healthy and vital expression of YOU. 

Accessing the body mind intelligence

The solutions to your questions reside in you right now = body mind intelligence

Rock Life Coaching uses:

- thoughtful discussion 

- breathing techniques 

- meditations 

- movement

- exercises that develop and increase awareness 

- reflection 

- BodyTalk techniques 

- innate wisdom

Making an appointment

I offer a complimentary 30 minute meet & greet at a time and space that works for us.  Our sessions can be in person in Kelowna, BC, or on line using the free and very user friendly app Zoom:


$95/60-75min session, minimum 3 session purchase

$90/60-75min session, minimum 5 session purchase

$85/60-75min session, minimum 8 session purchase

(prices include 5% gst)